AccessAbility Day is a voluntary obligation free-day for employers to have an opportunity to see the potential jobseekers with disability can bring to the workplace and learn about available Government support. 

Employers can host a jobseeker with disability (a participant) for one day in the week from Monday 26 to Friday 30 November 2018.  

AccessAbility Day provides an opportunity for your organisation to: 

  • learn more about working with jobseekers with disability 
  • promote and encourage an inclusive workplace 
  • access a talent pool of capable people who are keen to work 
  • learn more about free disability employment services and support available for employers 

An employer can host as many participants across as many job types as they are able to provide within their organisation. However, each participant can only be placed in each workplace for one day. 

Want to get involved? 

Contact your local Disability Employment Services Team Leader today using the enquiry form or call 1800 007 400. 

Post expires at 10:17am on Monday November 26th, 2018

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