Policy Statement
Social Futures collects and uses information and knowledge, including about our participants,
staff, volunteers and stakeholders. This enables us to understand needs, inform our planning and
practice, provide services, and monitor/review our performance. It also enables us to produce
accurate and timely reports to funding and other bodies, in accordance with our legal and
regulatory requirements. We have systems and processes to manage information and knowledge
(including personal and confidential information) securely, legally and ethically and to ensure it is
accurate, complete and up to date.

Social Futures protects and upholds the right to privacy of participants, staff, volunteers, Board
members and other stakeholders. We conform to the Federal Privacy Act (1988) and the
Australian Privacy Principles in the way we collect, store and use personal and sensitive
information. This applies to all hard copy and electronic records containing personal information
and to discussions of a personal nature.

Personal information may include (but is not limited to) information about participants and their
records of service, personnel records and financial/banking information. It can encompass
sensitive information including: health or genetic information; sexual orientation; gender identity;
intersex status and or relationship status; racial or ethnic origin; political opinions and membership
of a political association; religious beliefs or affiliations; philosophical beliefs; membership of a
professional or trade association; membership of a trade union; and criminal record.

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