Social Futures welcomes action to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Written byChristine Tondorf
Published on23 Mar, 2023
Aboriginal Flag

The not-for-profit organisation Social Futures strongly supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart and welcomes the release of wording for the forthcoming referendum question on the Voice to Parliament.

This year Australians will vote in a referendum to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a constitutionally enshrined ‘Voice’ to Parliament and Government.

Social Futures CEO Tony Davies says the aim of the Voice is provide independent and representative advice on behalf of First Nations people to the Federal Government.

“This is an important moment in Australia’s history and I’m hoping the nation will unite to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this permanent and ongoing Voice to government,” Mr Davies said.

“Social Futures supports the Voice, as an important first-step towards justice for First Nations people, as part of a broader commitment to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

“The other elements of the Uluru Statement, a treaty and truth-telling, remain necessary actions needed as Australia continues working towards reconciliation.

“We know there are differing views on proposed changes to the constitution.  So we look forward to a thoughtful and respectful national conversation as the wording of the referendum question is debated in Parliament.  We have an opportunity to seize the moment and to unite as a nation.”