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When you join us at Social Futures, you become an essential part of our mission to foster positive social change. You’ll contribute to building inclusive communities and bridging social isolation.

Your voice will be heard, your work will make a difference, and your wellbeing will be our priority. In our supportive and diverse environment, you’ll feel valued and energised.

Together, we’ll work towards our vision of thriving people and strong communities. Join us, and experience the fulfilment of supporting positive social change.

If you have a passion for positive social change, come work for Social Futures.

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Social Futures. Where passion meets purpose.

Watch our video to hear from our own employees about why you want to work at Social Futures.

Working at Social Futures

Our work is built on the quality of our people and the relationships they create with others. We will work to strengthen our culture and people, creating an environment where everyone:

  • is passionate about their work
  • has strong relationships with colleagues, service users and the community
  • knows and can demonstrate that their work is having a real and lasting impact
  • takes opportunities to grow and develop
  • feels safe and supported
Social Futures values diversity, lived experience and cultural knowledge in its workforce. We have a proud record of utilising lived experience knowledge to deliver better programs and outcomes for our community.

We created inclusive workplace videos to share the lived experience of some of our staff:

See how Social Futures benefits from an inclusive workplace by clicking here

See how Social Futures makes it work by clicking here

We are proudly accredited by White Ribbon.

Our business is about people and Social Futures works to model the principles of person-centeredness which helps increase the likelihood of a sustainable approach to delivering support.  At Social Futures, to ensure we can stay person-centred we offer access to

  • sufficient resources and appropriate funding
  • trained, confident and well-informed staff
  • flexible work practices to allow work-life integration
  • managers who provide an inclusive and empowering style
  • ways to share the direction for the future
  • systems and strategies to support multi-agency collaboration
  • team based organisational planning approaches
  • clear goals and strategies so you know how you contribute and what we expect of you
  • social activities for cross organisational relationship building

We can help employers build inclusive workplaces

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