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Yamba’s Kick Flips and Tail Whips Skate and Scooter competition is back for Youth Week!

Written byChristine Tondorf
Published on17 Apr, 2023
Young Boy On A Skateboard Jumping Into The Air

Calling all boarders and scooter riders – the Kick Flips and Tail Whips skate and scooter competition will return to the Yamba Skate Park on April 19, as part of Clarence Valley’s 2023 Youth Week celebrations.

The event is organised by the Getting It Together youth team of the not-for-profit organisation Social Futures, in collaboration with Clarence Valley Council. Registration is now open to skateboard and scooter riders, and sign up starts at 10:30am on Wednesday, April 19, with the competition set to start at 11.00am.  (School students are on term break.)

Social Futures Getting It Together Team Leader Kiara McBeath said the competition last run in September was a huge success attracting entrants in the beginner, intermediate and advanced riders categories.

“We were amazed to see an array of incredible tricks, like the airwalk when the skater grabs the nose of the board and kicks the feet out or the alley-oop, moving in the opposite direction of a spin,” Ms McBeath said.

“I’ve even learnt that there is a term for riding your skateboard backward – fakie, and of course we named the skate and scooter competition after two manoeuvres – a kick flip is when a skateboard rider kicks the board while jumping so that the board spins 360-degrees before the riders again lands on it.

“A tail whip is when a scooter rider jumps in the air and kicks the deck around the handlebars in full rotation, then lands back on the deck in its original position.

“It’s like boarders have their own language. There are also nosegrabs, when you grab the point of the board with your hand and ollies, using your feet to pull the skateboard into the air.”

Ms McBeath said not only do competitors have a great time, but the event is brilliant to watch.

“It’s amazing to see these talented boarders and scooter riders in action. They are incredibly skilled,” she said.

““It’s a privilege to be on the ground with them but that still doesn’t mean I’ll get on a skateboard or scooter!”

There are great prizes for division winners. Skaters and scooters can register ahead of the event https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/502886235267   In case of bad weather check the Clarence Valley Youth page for updates on the event: https://www.facebook.com/clarencevalleyyouth/