Quality Assurance and Safeguards

Our commitment to quality, safety and governance is demonstrated by accreditation under Australian Service Excellence Standards.
Our governance and risk frameworks are evidenced-based, aligning to ISO9001 standards, NDIS Quality Safeguards Framework and National Standards for Disability Services. Our high-performance culture drives open communication and collaboration across incidents, risk management and quality improvement. Under this framework the Social Futures compliance team undertake an annual quality audit and ensures any improvements are implemented for both our internal departments and subcontractors.

Complaints and feedback management: A standardised complaints process has been developed with regular audits assessing compliance. All complaints are collated and themes and learnings used for service improvement.

Record keeping and information management: Social Futures is compliant with accurate record keeping and information management. Social Futures’ privacy officers lead regular auditing against the Agreement and Privacy Act.


Risk Framework

Social Futures has a proactive and systematic approach to risk management that embeds risk into all levels of decision making and business processes. Our Quality and Compliance Manager implements the organisational risk framework across services, with oversight from the Executive and Board.
Our risk management processes are facilitated by:
• Positive risk culture supported by training and facilitated by scheduled agenda items in team meetings. Managers receive training and support to facilitate risk management and awareness locally
• Risk and incident reporting: Logged centrally and audited monthly to identify trends and report to the Executive. Actions plans are developed for risks and escalated to the Board if deemed high
• Scheduled regular review of Risk Management, WHS, Business Continuity Plans and organisational policies and procedures
• Governance: Local risk registers are reported to our central risk committee to establish organisational risks to communicate to the Board.