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Homeless with a Mortgage – Social Futures on SBS Insight

Written byAmanda Shoebridge
Published on19 May, 2022
Image of Gary Shalala-Hudson in SBS Insight Program

Our CEO Tony Davies, along with our Lismore Local Area Coordinator, Gary Shalala-Hudson, and Connecting Home participant, William Gallagher, all feature in this SBS Insight story: ‘Homeless with a mortgage: Lismore’s vulnerable look for a post-flood future

Twenty years ago, Gary endured a period of homelessness. He couch-surfed and moved often, before settling in Lismore in 2007. By 2013, he had taken out a mortgage on a two-storey weatherboard home near the centre of town, well above the flood level.

“I thought it was a huge achievement, I thought I’d never need to be homeless again,” he says.

“Now I’m homeless with a mortgage. Never saw that coming.” ~ Gary Shalala-Hudson
SBS Insight: Homeless with a mortgage: Lismore's Vulnerable Look for a post flood future.