FACS is undertaking development of a new Rent Choice product to assist adults with low incomes, who have been private renters over the long term but have suffered a single destabilising event, such as retrenchment or serious but finite illness, that has reduced their income and/or increased expenses. FACS has engaged Catherine Stuart from Lee Road Consulting to conduct consultations with local practitioners, to inform and develop the policy framework for the new Rent Choice product.

FACS is seeking your assistance in identifying local practitioners who work with people who may experience housing issues associated with destabilising events, to attend these workshops. This group may include but is not limited to social workers, community workers, health practitioners, Specialist Homelessness Services workers and tenant advocates.

The workshops have been rescheduled and are planned for the following locations/dates:

  • Tuesday 21 November 2017- Parramatta
  • Wednesday 22 November 2017 – Wollongong
  • Thursday 23 November 2017 – Newcastle
  • Friday 24 November 2017 – Teleconference (dial in details will be forwarded to participants)

Nominations or enquiries about the workshops should be sent to Lachlan Camp, Graduate, in the Private Rental Assistance Team at FACS. Please email Lachlan at [email protected]

Share your thoughts on people who would benefit or research FACS should consider in the development of the new Rent Choice product, by contacting Catherine on 0439 084 657 or [email protected].

There will be opportunity for you to refine the policy framework at a consultation session for the NGO Housing Partners Reference Group in late-November. FACS will be in contact with you separately about the scheduling of this session.

Further information on existing Rent Choice programs can be found on the FACS website http://www.housingpathways.nsw.gov.au/additional-information/policies/start-safely-private-rental-subsidy-policy



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