Free Booklet Offers Seven Fun Activities to Enhance Family Wellbeing

Written byAmanda Shoebridge
Published on13 May, 2024
Image shows three women standing and smiling with the activity packs and booklets for Families Week.

Image: Fiona Halligan, Bianca Zingus and Tiarni Goulding with Families Week Packs

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In honour of National Families Week, 13–19 May, Social Futures Family Connect and Support Program is releasing a free resource that aims to bring families closer together. ‘The Living Real and Dreaming Big Activity Pack’ is designed to provide families with fun, simple, and cost-effective activities that promote wellbeing and strengthen family bonds.

National Families Week celebrates the critical role that families play in Australian society and is a time for families to connect.

Social Futures Program Manager, Fiona Halligan said the Activity Pack was created in recognition of the challenges that families face today, including parenting difficulties, financial stress, and the stresses of daily life.

“It really has been a trying time for many families, especially those directly impacted by flooding events, and more recently the impact of inflation and cost of living pressures has been keenly felt by lots of families,” Ms Halligan said.

The Living Real and Dreaming Big Activity Pack

With the launch of ‘The Living Real and Dreaming Big Activity Pack’, Social Futures aims to offer families a way to spend quality time together, fostering stronger relationships and promoting mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Activity Pack contains seven engaging, inexpensive and easy-to-implement activities that families can enjoy together.

“During challenging times, it’s more important than ever for families to find joy in simple pleasures and to strengthen family ties,” Ms Halligan said. “Our Activity Pack is a little tool to help with this, so it includes creative and accessible ways for families to connect and build lasting memories.”

The ‘Living Real and Dreaming Big Activity Pack’ is available for free – click here to download: Families Week: Living Real and Dreaming Big Activity Pack

Social Futures Family Connect and Support program is a free service proudly funded by NSW Government which supports children, young people, and families in NSW with a wide range of challenges, from parenting and financial stress to mental health issues.


For more information about Social Futures and the Family Connect and Support Program, please visit socialfutures.org.au or call 1800 327 679.