Raising children can be tough, but we are here to help. Family Connect and Support is free and available to families in Northern NSW. We link families, children and young people who need a helping hand to the right supports and services, such as:

  • counselling for children, young people and families
  • parenting and mediation support
  • emotional, wellbeing and mental health support
  • financial counselling and welfare support
  • housing services
  • employment, education, legal and training
  • domestic and family violence supports
  • connecting with NDIS services
  • culturally appropriate supports.

Anyone can make a referral to Family Connect and Support. We provide information and advice and connect you to the most appropriate services in your area.

Here is our referral form.

How we work with families

  • Through an initial meeting, we get to know you and your individual circumstances. Family Connect and Support is a flexible service, which means your program worker can contact you via phone, email, video call, home visit, meet you in a cafe or after hours – whatever works best for you and makes you comfortable.
  • Understanding your needs, and building on your strengths, together we’ll explore the support your family needs to make positive change in your lives.
  • We’ll give you information and advice and help you connect to the services in your area so you don’t have to retell your story.
  • We stay connected with you until you’re matched with the right services or support.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government

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