Ability Links

Ability Links

Ability Links NSW (ALNSW) is a new way to support people with disability, their families and carers as part of the ongoing reforms of the disability services system in NSW. It provides people with a locally based first point of contact to support people to access supports and services in their local communities.

Ability Links NSW Coordinators, or “Linkers” as they are known, work with people with disability who are aged 0 to 64 years, their families and carers to help them plan for their future, build on their strengths and skills, and develop networks in their own communities so they can do what they want with their lives – outside of the traditional disability service system.

Linkers also work with local communities to help them become more welcoming and inclusive of people with disability.

What are the benefits of Ability Links?

Ability Links can help individuals to better engage with services and access work experience, volunteering or other educational and training opportunities.

Your Linker can also help to find the right activities that will empower participants to discover or further connect with their passions, improve their confidence and increase their ability to take risks and have successful social interactions.

These activities lead to positive social impacts for individuals, including improved self esteem and social networks through greater links to, and participation in, the community.

How can we work with you?

  • We can assist by linking you to informal social networks (i.e. like sporting & social clubs, community groups etc.), organisations and mainstream services.
  • We can work with you to identify your goals and overcome any barriers in achieving those goals
  • We can advocate on your behalf, or refer you to specialist advocacy services
  • We can work with communities, groups and mainstream services so they are more welcoming and inclusive
  • We can work with your family, carer and friends to help you to become more confident and build new networks

Who can access Ability Links?

Ability Links can provide time limited support to people between the ages of 0 and 64 who identify as having any type of life challenge.

The person may have a physical disability, intellectual disability, mental illness, medical condition as long as they identify as having challenges that inhibit them achieving their goals.

How to access Ability Links

Anyone can contact their local Linker who can provide you with information about available services and resources in your community.

You can talk to your local Linker over the phone or arrange to meet them face to face in your own home or somewhere of your choosing.

You may bring a friend or family member to the meeting if you wish.

Linking with Aboriginal communities

Linkers located anywhere in NSW can help Aboriginal people with disability, carers and families to develop links within your local and extended community.

Contact Ability Links

Phone 1300 792 940
Email [email protected]

Your Local Linkers

Robert Baldwin Far North Coast Ability Links Co-Manager
0400 127 514
Email [email protected]

Sigrid Macdonald Far North Coast Ability Links Lived Experience Co-Manager
Phone 0447 734 612 (SMS only)
Email [email protected]

Kylie Maunder Regional Community Engagement Linker
Phone 0428 586 770
Email [email protected]

Tweed Shire

Wendy Gilbett
Phone 0417 953 204
Email [email protected]

Damien Becker
0429 495 944
Email [email protected]

Ballina Shire

Lisa Sharpe – (also Byron)
Phone 0437 978 830
Email [email protected]

Scott Pedley
Phone 0429 072 695
Email [email protected]

Sue Francis
Phone 0417 506 856
Email [email protected]

Richmond Valley and Kyogle

Abby Nguyen (also Lismore)
Phone 0419 661 306
Email [email protected]

Sunita Bala (also Lismore)
Phone 0419 661 306
Email [email protected]

Tony Shaw
Phone 0438 407 006
Email [email protected]

Tamar Cohen
Phone 0447 329 111
Email [email protected]

Byron Shire

Anna Bisset
0438 622 752
Email [email protected]

Lisa Sharpe (also Ballina)
Phone 0437 978 830
Email [email protected]


Abby Nguyen (also Richmond Valley and Kyogle)
Phone 0419 661 306
Email [email protected]

Francis O’Neill
0417 804 850
Email [email protected]

Gary Shallala-Hudson
Phone 0437 996 486
Email [email protected]

Sunita Bala (also Richmond Valley and Kyogle)
Phone 0428 076 703
Email [email protected]

Clarence Valley

Jason Kingsley (Team Leader)
Phone 0428 067 581
Email [email protected]

Vicki Forrest
0438 052 132
Email [email protected]


Feedback Form

We would love to hear your feedback on our programs and services. We take all feedback very seriously and wherever we can we implement improvements to our programs based on the feedback we receive from our clients. Your feedback can be confidential. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us.
  • THANK YOU!!!!

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. If you have added in your contact details, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.
Ability links
Ability links indigenous
Ability Links works with people with disability, their families and carers to live the lives they want in their local communities. It also supports local communities to be welcoming and inclusive for people living with disability. Ability Linkers help participants find out what services, resources and groups can help them reach their potential.

Contact Far North Coast Ability Links

1300 792 940
[email protected]

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About Ability Links

Ability Links is a NSW Government initiative and is delivered on the Far North Coast of NSW by Social Futures.
NSW government

Program resources

You can download low res versions of our resources here. Please contact us if you would like to order printed copies or copies in other formats.

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