Ability Links

We are very proud of the achievements of the Ability Links Program which Social Futures delivered for five years between 2014 and 2019. 

The Social Futures Ability Links Program was funded by NSW FaCS and supported people living with disabilities and their families. Our Linkers achieved many wonderful outcomes – we worked with 17,920 participants in Northern NSW, achieving 43,329 individual outcomes and 13,706 community outcomes.

The Ability Links NSW program has been transitioned into the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) component of the NDIS. This means that some of the functions of the Ability Links program are now being delivered by The Social Futures Local Area Coordination Program (LAC).

  • Social Futures Local Area Coordinators support people with disability and can be contacted on 1800 522 679 or [email protected]
  • Even if you are not on the NDIS program, Social Futures LACs can still provide you with support by linking you into other services.

Visit the Social Futures Local Area Coordination webpage for more information.

Delivering services around COVID-19

Social Futures is committed to the continuation of delivering support services in a safe, practical and innovative way while navigating COVID-19.