A visual showcase of stories often untold

What is Photovoice?      

Photovoice uses photo images to capture aspects of people’s environment and experiences, to share with others.

This 5 week photography project has been designed to capture your unique experiences of the world and to help you to explore what disability pride means to you. Sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes there are no words that exist to capture how we feel about a topic. With Photovoice, words are not necessary. Every week we will each take a photo that represents what each topic means to us and we will unpack these as a group.

The pictures can then be used, along with artist statements composed by the photographers, to show the realities of the photographers lives  to the public: to illuminate, to educate and to spur change.

Download our Photovoice Poster

What will I need?

  • A smart phone or camera
  • Access to zoom

What does it look like? 

A group of people with disabilities will be invited to participate in a 5-week project facilitated via Zoom by a Social Futures facilitator.

What sort of topics do we discuss?

We will be unpacking the journey of disability pride by exploring the following topics using photographs taken on a smart phone:

  • I love being me because…
  • Inclusion
  • Courage
  • Acceptance
  • Pride

Do I need to be a photographer or artist to take part? 

You do not need any artistic talent to take part. All you need is a willingness to learn more about yourself and to share with others. We will teach you how to use your smart phone or camera with tips and tricks on taking great photos.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, Photovoice is FREE!

How do I join?

To Join one of our Photovoice Groups or to learn about the NDIS call Social Futures on 1800 522 679.

Photovoice Poster explaining program

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