Out and About in Community

The Out and About in Community Booklet showcases local clubs and groups. The purpose is to let people with disability know about what local groups are around and help break down some of that initial hesitancy many people have around fronting up to a new group where they don’t know anyone.

The booklet features local groups and clubs who have been consulted and supported to enhance their understanding of disability inclusion and accessibility.

The booklet includes:

  • key information about how to join the group and what to expect
  • a statement from the club/group that outlines how they include people with disabilities
  • a list of accessibility features
  • a guide to conducting an access audit
  • links to creative and active kids vouchers

Click to download the booklet here

The ‘Out and About in Community’ booklet serves as a resource to people with disabilities or anyone who wants to explore opportunities to join community groups and club in their local area but don’t know where to start.

Out And About Community Booklet

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