Little Dreamers – Now offering services in the North Coast region.

Written byKatrina Ross
Published on08 Sep, 2023
Little Dreamers


New service in the North Coast

Little Dreamers provides dedicated support for Young Carers. Those are young people aged 4 – 25 that help care for a loved one with a disability, serious or chronic illness, mental ill health, addiction or are frail due to age. Young people become carers in different ways. For some, the responsibility of caring could start after an illness or accident. For others, they don’t actually know a different way of life, supporting a sibling or parent who has a life-long illness or disability. No matter what the caring role may have come from, it is very clear that no two caring situations are the same. Little Dreamers run a range of targeted programs to support Young Carers on their caring journey andA4 NSW Poster – North Coast (ONLINE) with personal development.

All programs are FREE for participants.

To access the services complete the online form: