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Different on the Outside, Same on the Inside: Maree Jenner

Written byKim Gannon
Published on17 Oct, 2022

Social Futures is challenging stereotypes about disability in NSW Central Coast and Central Western schools through the ‘Different on the Outside, Same on the Inside’ program.

This free program for students helps break down misconceptions and social barriers, and encourages awareness and inclusion for people with disability.

This program is delivered on the Central Coast by Social Futures Local Area Coordinator for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Maree Jenner.

As a person of short stature or dwarfism, Maree engages young people and speaks to her own experience of difference and the challenges faced by ‘growing up little’ in a world built for average height people.

You can learn more about the program by watching our video, which is being launched ahead of Dwarfism Awareness Day, on October 25 – a day for raising awareness and challenging barriers for people who have dwarfism.

TRANSCRIPT: Different on the Outside, Same on the Inside