Why Dirty Laundry Day?

Social Futures Dirty Laundry Day Project began in Northern NSW in 2009. It was created to draw attention to domestic and family violence in the community, to give people experiencing abuse and violence a voice, and to take a strong community stance against violence.

The Project achieves multiple objectives:

  • it raises awareness, educates, and challenges core beliefs in our communities about domestic and family violence. It is a visible call for cultural change.
  •  it allows conversations to begin within our communities, helps communities to understand the experiences of people who have been through abuse, and encourages community support for the safety and wellbeing of children.
  • it sends a strong message to perpetrators that violence will not be tolerated in our communities.
  •  is an early intervention strategy, and can help to create more cohesive communities.
  • it connects service providers, the community and people who have experienced domestic violence allowing for networking and information sharing.
  •  it is a cathartic and empowering process for people who have experienced domestic and family abuse and violence.

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