A letter to our valued patients,

We would like to inform you that the Choices Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic (formerly known as Lismore Family Planning), funded by The Local Health District, is moving from its home of 30+ years with Social Futures to another organisation. 

After much consideration, consultation and collaboration with the Local Health District, Social Futures have made the difficult decision to transition the Choices Program to another organisation. It is our belief that every Australian deserves equal access to excellent healthcare, and we anticipate that the wider community will benefit from greater access to these services under a new provider. 

Due to the transfer of the Choices Clinic, the service will be closed from 19th December over the Christmas period and service delivery may continue to be impacted throughout January. The announcement of the new agency will be shared with you as soon as possible along with details on how to book future appointments. 

Your health and wellbeing are our main priority during this time. We are working with a new provider to ensure the transition goes smoothly and that you feel well informed during this time. We will be providing updates over the coming weeks as the transition of the Choices Program gets underway. We will soon be providing an update around transferring your medical records to a new provider, if this is something you would like to do. 

If you require care during the time that Choices is temporarily closed, please refer below where we have provided a list of supporting organisations and services in our region. 

Social Futures is very proud to have delivered excellence in free community health services to the Northern Rivers community through the Choices Clinic. This program has been an important part of Social Futures and we value the relationships that have been built and nurtured over the years. However, we are confident that a new provider will continue providing services to the highest standard and carry on the legacy of the Choices Program with care and dignity.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our information line at 1800 719 625 or you can provide feedback to Social Futures via [email protected] 

 Wishing you the best of health,  

 Social Futures 


If you are seeking support: 

Sexual Health Services (including Sexual Health Screening, Advice And Treatment, Hiv Care, Prep And Pep)



Choices Has Moved