Resilient Kids Youth Participation Fund: Grant Recipients

Written byAmanda Shoebridge
Published on16 May, 2024
Social Futures is thrilled to announce the following eight community organisations have been chosen to receive grants of up to $150,000 from the Resilient Kids Youth Participation Fund.


Momentum Collective

Momentum Collective

Grant funding: $76,363

Natural disasters in the Richmond Valley have heightened feelings of isolation amongst our young. This has indirectly triggered a rise in youth crime, school absenteeism, and substance abuse. This funding will be used to develop and deliver fortnightly student workshops. These sessions will focus on life skills, relationship building, and decision-making related to wellbeing. Momentum Collective is partnering with local elders, entrepreneurs, community and emergency services to roll these out in Term 2, 2024. Wrapping up the workshops will be an exciting community event, aimed at fostering stronger connections.

For further information contact: 1300 900 091



Byron Youth Service

Grant funding: $77,378

The Village Young Men’s Story Project, is an empowering 36-week program, aimed at supporting 15 flood-affected young men (12–17 years) in Mullumbimby, who are disengaged from school. This initiative will support young participants by advocating informed wellbeing decisions, emotional and social support, confidence building and disaster preparedness. Interactive activities such as campfire discussions, digital storytelling and bush poetry are included in weekly meetings, fostering conversations on their flood experiences. The project will culminate in the publication of a story book created and led by the participants, along with a book launch to celebrate the achievements of the participants and act as a rite-of-passage event, marking the participants important transition from survivor to thriver.

For further information phone: (02) 6685 7777 | email: [email protected] | website:


Human Nature Adventure Therapy

Grant funding: $87,262

The Empowered Future Camps are designed for young people who are disengaged from education and affected by floods. We will offer four immersive two-night/three-day experiences, for up to 12 participants each, in various outdoor settings across Northern NSW.  Activities will be led by Human Nature staff and co-designed between our mentors and youth leaders. Young people will learn to make well-informed decisions about their wellbeing, support their peers and boost their confidence in preparation for, and recovery from natural disasters. We will also provide practical training, such as hand tool usage and bushcraft, to help participants be prepared for future disasters, alongside community connection through nature-based activities and campfire discussions. As a result young people will experience increased self-efficacy and positive wellbeing.

For information email: [email protected] | website:

Photo posed by models: Three women lighting a fire camping.

Photo posed by models

Mudyala Logo

Mudyala Aboriginal Corporation

Grant funding: $87,105

Mudyala will deliver a program in the Lower Clarence region specifically for Aboriginal youth (8–18 years) who have an intellectual or neurological disability, or who have experienced trauma and social isolation. Small workshops will be held after school hours for between one and five participants, with a target to work with 30 participants over a year.

The workshops will focus on connection to culture and caring for country, how country heals itself after flood, fire and natural disasters. Day trips to local sites will be organised, sharing seasonal knowledge of plants, animals and bush tucker, and promoting cultural belonging and connection to country. The small group settings will focus on establishing protective factors, modelling positive behaviours and building resilience to increase the ability of youth to make informed wellbeing decisions.

For general enquiries email: [email protected] | website:


Pcyc Club Logo Lismore Fullcolour Rgb

PCYC Lismore 

Grant funding: $128,000

PCYC Lismore will work in partnership with NSW Police to deliver a number of programs across the Lismore, Ballina Shire and Richmond Valley Local Government Areas.  Delivered over four terms, these programs will focus on community connection; capacity building and awareness; and access to improved outcomes for disengaged, vulnerable, at-risk, First Nation youth, and young people with a disability.

The programs delivered will include:

  • FIT for Change: Workshops/activities focusing on values, decision-making, problem solving and resilience. Includes accredited training and job ready activities to support employment pathways.
  • FIT for Life: This early morning program includes a fitness session and breakfast before school commences, improving confidence, commitment and fitness.
  • Driver education – Safe Drivers Course: Supporting learner drivers to understand low risk driving strategies to improve their driving abilities. Through this course 60 young people will be supported to obtain their provisional license.
  • Term-based activity passes/school holiday passes: Fun, energising and enriching programs for local youth, where they can connect with peers, learn new skills, experience new activities, and build confidence.
  • All Ability Gymnastics program: Adapted program designed by Gymnastics NSW to provide an inclusive, accessible sports participation program for young people with varying abilities.

For further information contact PCYC Lismore: phone: (06) 6621 6276 | email: [email protected] | website:

Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia

Grant funding: $145,520

Presenting the Resilient Teens Project – a transformative 10-month program designed to equip Northern Rivers teens aged 14–18 who are disengaged from school and education, with life skills and resilience, delivered by Surfing Australia from the Hyundai Surfing Australia High Performance Centre in Casuarina NSW.

The program blends purposeful play and education and includes a four-day immersive camp, where teens engage in activities like surfing, breathwork, skateboarding, and fitness training under the guidance of seasoned mentors. There will also be daily educational workshops led by industry veterans on mental health, leadership, nutrition, and climate change.

The project doesn’t end at camp, with full-day follow-up sessions bi-monthly for teens to reconnect with peers and mentors, ensuring a sustained impact. At the heart of this initiative is building self-confidence, personal growth, and fostering authentic relationships, all while having fun. The Resilient Teens Project aims to empower our youth to successfully navigate life’s challenges and become future leaders.

Further details will become available on Surfing Australia’s website: or for enquiries please phone Christian Cook on 02 6671 0000.

Murwillumbah Community Cntre

Murwillumbah Community Centre 

Grant Funding: $149,379

The Mission Possible project, developed in association with local youth agencies and emergency response organisations, aims to enhance climate disaster readiness and recovery. The initiative involves training 15 Diverse Young Leaders from the Tweed Shire who will engage with various peers, promoting disaster readiness via social media and community enrichment activities like drama workshops. In addition to fostering well-informed decision-making, the Diverse Young Leaders program also aims to build emotional and social competence.

The six-part program includes project planning, staff training, youth engagement, educational workshops, and community outreach. Through self-awareness and trauma-informed learning, Diverse Young Leaders are equipped with crucial knowledge about climate change impacts, preparedness, and recovery strategies. They are further encouraged to design and implement community projects that increase awareness and preparedness, fortifying the entire community against climate disasters.

For more information email: [email protected]

Queer family logo

Queer Family

Grant Funding: $150,000

Introducing Young Queerios: Sprouts at the Queer Family Farmhouse in Mullumbimby. This unique program caters to children aged 8–12, creating an environment for them to socialise, form friendships, and engage in uplifting activities. Families form the bedrock of this program, with parents/carers invited to participate, interact with others, and support their children.

Sprouts aims to improve social and emotional wellbeing, enhance self-esteem, strengthen family ties, and build resilience among young queer/trans and gender diverse children. Through creative workshops, discussions, and group activities, we strive to empower children and celebrate their identities. The program is also a valuable resource for parents/carers to learn, dispel myths, and network. For a year of friendship, celebration, learning and fun, join us as we strengthen community bonds and foster early resilience.

For more information visit: |  email: [email protected]