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Have you heard about the NDIS yet?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a new national scheme to support people with disability to achieve their goals, participate in their communities and to provide them, their families and carers with personalised, flexible care and support.

The NDIS brings choice and flexibility for people with disability. One way the NDIS empowers participants with choice is to provide personalised planning and delivery of their supports. This is mostly achieved through Local Area Coordination services, or LAC.

Social Futures is excited to be partnering with the NDIS to provide our community with LAC services.

We will support people with disability in our community to plan for the NDIS in advance of the roll out, which starts in many parts of regional NSW in July. We are delivering LAC services throughout most of regional New South Wales and are working together with other community organisations in some areas to preserve their local relationships and knowledge. Social Futures is providing LAC services in the following NDIS service areas:

  • Northern NSW
  • Mid North Coast
  • Western NSW
  • Far West
  • Murrumbidgee

To find your nearest NDIS office or to speak to someone about our LAC services:


Social Futures NDIS online enquiry form

Social Futures is an NDIS partner, providing LAC services throughout many areas of New South Wales. This form is for general NDIS and LAC enquiries from anyone within any of the Social Futures LAC delivery areas.
  • You can enter a mobile phone or landline number, but don't forget to include your area code.
  • Please select the Local Government Area (LGA) where you live.

For more information on the rollout of the NDIS in New South Wales, visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/our-sites/NSW.html or watch this video:

For more information about LAC services, visit https://ndis.gov.au/communities/local-area-coordination.html or watch this video:

Employment opportunities

You can find more information about jobs in Local Area Coordination in our regions here.

We welcome your feedback about the NDIS

If you would like to provide some positive feedback about the NDIS or our LAC services, tell us how we can improve things or would like to make a complaint, please call us on 1800 522 679, download and complete this form, or provide your feedback here.

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If we are unable to resolve your issue

or you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you have received from us you can lodge a complaint with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) through its website here.


Phil’s magic garden full of feathered friends

NDIS Participant Phil and LAC Gina

NDIS Participant Phil and LAC Gina

Phil loves nothing more than spending time in his garden, planting his own sustainable organic veggie patch and looking after his abundant feathered friends. These seem like simple ambitions but for Phil they seemed like an unattainable dream – until he received his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, and turned fantasy into reality.

Phil has been living with an acquired brain injury (ABI) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) for 24 years. Since acquiring his disability, he has always managed to be independent, living in his own home in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Phil’s enthusiasm and humour are infectious, and he considers himself very ‘abled’, not only supporting his own needs but also assisting others within his community to access community programs like the local Men’s Shed.

His theory of life is, “If it’s the worst thing that happens to us today, we’re laughing”.

Phil has many difficulties trying to complete simple tasks, like walking from his front door to the top of his driveway, remembering times/dates and important meetings, and showering in his own bathroom due to access issues. Overall, he does accept he has disabilities but he does not accept pity, failure or excuses for not getting out into the community and living life.

When Phil heard the NDIS was coming to northern NSW, he made it his mission to attend every seminar in the Lismore, Ballina and Casino areas, ahead of its rollout midway through 2017.

His support worker noted, “Phil needs to have information provided repetitively, even though he does get it the first time.” Despite all this information, he didn’t feel confident understanding the NDIS process, and when he attended his pre-planning meeting, he admitted to feeling anxious and worried.

However, his LAC at Lismore’s NDIS partner, Social Futures, was able to put to rest his fears and take him through the process, ensuring his plan met his needs and goals.

Once his plan was approved Phil attended the implementation meeting armed with a cake, and when he emerged at the end of the meeting, he was shouting with joy!

A Social Futures worker, who happened to be outside at the time, commented, “I’ve never seen someone so happy, it’s wonderful!”

Phil’s support worker said, “Since getting his NDIS plan, Phil has so much going on in one week he needs to timetable in rest time.” After a lot of encouragement from the LAC and Phil’s support worker, he is ecstatic to:

  • Have access to his garden – Phil was unable to get out into his garden due to not having the support required for his mobility needs. He was also unable to maintain his garden. With the NDIS, he now has someone to mow and trim his trees and he is able to get out of his home and sit in his garden.
  • Plant his own vegetables – Phil has always wanted to live a sustainable lifestyle and to give to others. Planting his own vegetable garden and giving his excess vegetables to his friends and community members provides Phil with organic food to assist him with his health.
  • Look after his “children” – Phil has a number of feathered friends, namely chickens and a goose. He has now been able to attend to his animals with a support worker and spend quality time in the garden with them.

Using his NDIS plan

Phil’s other key NDIS funded supports are:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Neuro-moves gym program
  • Assistance to visit his elderly father who lives some distance away. Phil is very grateful for this. He had generally only been able to visit his father once every year or two
  • Transport to get to his many appointments and shopping.

Phil is also excited to have had an assessment completed for home modifications to provide easy access to his bathroom/shower and a reliable form of mobility equipment, which does not place pressure on his spine and legs.

Phil’s top three tips for people who do not have a disability are:

  • Be a good listener
  • Look out for each other, genuine caring is worth gold
  • Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to yourself.


Poppi Lightens Up at Lismore Lantern Parade

Poppi's lantern in the paradeIt was hard to tell what was shining brighter at this year’s Lismore Lantern Parade on Saturday 23 June – the lanterns or Poppi’s smile! The daughter of Lismore-based LAC Tarlai Iggleden, Poppi used her disability to good effect as she wowed the crowd with the unique walker-mounted lantern she created specially for her night of nights.

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