About Social FuturesHead shot of Tony Davies, Social Futures CEO in the Molesworth Street Office in Lismore

Welcome to Social Futures. An organisation which envisages communities in which people are equally valued and included. Social Futures is committed to improving the lives of people in the communities we service by working directly with individuals, families, community and government organisations in the priority areas of homelessness and housing, youth and family services and disability services.

We work as a regional leader alongside our partner organisations to strengthen and build capacity within our community sector by providing training, development, sector support and advocacy. Social Futures is responsive to our region’s changing needs as we identify priority areas for research and planning to meet our region’s future requirements.

Tony Davies – CEO Social Futures

Who we are

Social Futures is a social justice organisation based in Northern NSW. We have more than 40 years experience as a regional leader, advocating with the communities we work in; working in partnership with others; and providing services that promote inclusion, fairness and social justice. Our work encompasses homelessness and housing supports, youth and family services, programs that promote genuine participation for people with disability, community sector support, professional development, and systemic advocacy.

Our Vision

Thriving people, strong communities

Our purpose

To achieve positive social change in our communities.

Our Values

Integrity – acting fairly, honestly, openly and consistently
Learning – improving our knowledge and understanding
Inclusion – valuing diversity, connection, belonging and social justice for all

ASES Accreditation

ASES accreditationThe Australian Service Excellence Standards are quality standards for Community Services developed for the sector by the sector.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) star is a nationally recognised accreditation symbol that marks Social Futures’s achievement in quality improvement in service outcomes and demonstrates our pride in service quality to our clients and staff.

Social Futures staff are passionate about service, we strive to maintain the highest standards, we look after the smallest detail and we go the extra mile.


Delivering services around COVID-19

Social Futures is committed to the continuation of delivering support services in a safe, practical and innovative way while navigating COVID-19.