We need URGENT ACTION on housing!

What will our future leaders promise?

It’s time to act

Following the 2018 Northern Rivers Housing Forum in Lennox Head last month, we’re asking you to take action to get affordable housing and responding to homelessess firmly on the 2019 NSW election agenda for all candidates.


Five ways you can helpimage of affordable housing on a leaf

  1. Familiarise yourself with the URGENT actions that were agreed at the recent Forum and think about how they relate to you professionally and personally. They are shown below and you can

    to share.

  2. Write to your local NSW MP and the other candidates who are challenging them. Ask about their housing policies. Remind them there’s a housing crisis in the Northern Rivers. Ask them to put housing on their campaign platform. Choose your MP or candidates from the panel below to get started. Customise your letter. Demand a response!
  3. Ask the CEO of your organisation to write a letter to the editor or issue a press release about how the current housing crisis impacts your business or organisation; and that you support the urgent actions that are needed.
  4. Send us a story or case study we can use to demonstrate housing needs and opportunities in our region when talking to politicians.
  5. Follow our Facebook Page and share our housing actions posts with your friends and stakeholders.

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URGENT housing actions for the Northern Rivers

  1. Develop a minimum of 100 additional social housing properties per year for 10 years.
    We need many more at 250+ per year to clear the existing waitlist, and more again to meet the need for affordable housing.

    As of June 2018, there were 3,026 people on the social housing waiting list in our region. (Source: North Coast Community Housing 2018)


  2. Quarantine part of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) for regional areas.
    We need to develop affordable and social housing in areas of critical need including the Northern Rivers.

    To date, the Northern Rivers has not seen any benefits from SAHF.


  3. Increase transitional accommodation for clients of specialist homelessness services by 150
    properties. This is essential to relieve pressure on the limited crisis services in the Northern Rivers and to support people in the transition to longer-term housing.

    As one of the largest providers of Specialist Homelessness Services in the Northern Rivers working with other agencies, Social Futures has access to fewer than 50 houses, to meet the needs of more than 2,000 individuals who request housing support each year.


  4. Allocate additional homelessness support funding for Northern Rivers. This should include
    proper funding of 24/7 youth and adult crisis services and rough sleeper outreach programs.

    The last two census studies have shown the Northern Rivers has above average levels of homelessness including 19 per cent of the state’s rough sleepers, but we do not receive a proportionate share of homelessness funding. There are no properly funded youth or adult crisis accommodation services north of Coffs Harbour.thumbnail of actions PDF

  5. Redevelop Housing NSW properties to deliver better quality and higher densities in
    appropriate locations. Ensure there is no net loss of social and community housing land in high-cost markets like Byron Bay. Transfer poorly-used housing assets to community housing providers to accommodate more people in well-designed mixed tenure communities.
  6. Extend existing planning instruments that support affordable housing development to Northern NSW Local Government Areas. Existing State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) in some LGAs require a percentage of stock in new developments to be developed as affordable housing. These provisions should be applied in Northern Rivers given the severity of our housing market failure.

Download the Actions as a PDF

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Social Futures is the main contact point for the Northern Rivers Housing Forum, a group of organisations and concerned individuals that identifies and highlights housing issues, needs and challenges and works towards innovative and sustainable approaches to address them.


To contact the Northern Rivers Housing Forum or to subscribe to receive important updates and emails about Northern Rivers housing issues please email us at: [email protected]

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Contact your MP

The Hon. Ben Franklin, MLC

Parliamentary Secretary (Minister) for Renewable Energy & Northern NSW 

Parliament House
Macquarie Street
[email protected]
(02) 9230 3793

Mr Franklin attended the Northern Rivers Housing Forum in 2018 and supported the actions proposed.
He is contesting the seat of BALLINA for the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) in the next election.

Download sample letter to Ben Franklin

Contact a candidate for your seat

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