Saying Yes for Lisa and Siggy – their story

Lisa-and-Siggy“The marriage equality movement throughout Europe has promoted love and equality for same sex couples and it has really changed the focus of what equality means in gay relationships” Lisa explains. “Polls in Australia indicate that the majority of people that have been polled, support same sex marriage. For me I feel that I have been ‘tolerated’ by community for a lot of our relationship, rather than accepted and able to participate as a full citizen. It will be meaningful for me for society to recognise our relationship”.

Lisa and Siggy raised their daughter, Tilly, together. “Marriage equality is really important for family”, both acknowledge. “Children growing up in a same sex marriage can have a lack of validation around the family structure which is potentially damaging”. Siggy adds, “even if I’m not particularly into marriage, it’s something that we all should have a right to choose. There’s also all the legal stuff that is really important that goes with marriage – including superannuation, taxation and probate. The marriage equality debate is negative and disempowering for young queer people. At $122 million, it’s a very expensive way to be more mean to queer people. Some of the No campaign promotion is so hurtful and shocking”.

Lisa observes that the campaign is problematic. “Malcolm Turnbull says it’s going to be a Yes outcome; and I think there’s a danger there that a lot of the community will think it’s a ‘given’ and won’t think they need to participate in the survey because the leader of our country says it’s going to be a Yes vote”.

Siggy declares “I consider myself equal and after this long I want to make an honest woman of Lisa at some point! I think it’s very much about equality and it goes broader than same sex marriage. It’s really time it was passed and we all just move on”.

Lisa’s take home message is “Make sure you make your vote count folks. To be frank it’s predominantly an old person’s issue; young people don’t have a problem with marriage equality”.

With just a few days left to post your survey response… here’s what some of our staff are saying about why they vote yes.

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