Cover of the StandBy evaluation summaryLast financial year Social Futures’ StandBy Support After Suicide team responded to more than 120 calls for help on the North Coast of New South Wales.

An independent evaluation of the service recently confirmed that StandBy works. Those people bereaved by suicide in the previous 12 months who received support from the StandBy service were:

  • Significantly less likely to be at risk of suicidality
  • Significantly less likely to experience the grief reaction of a loss of social support
  • Significantly less likely to experience feelings of social and overall loneliness
  • Significantly less likely to report experiencing mental health concerns and
  • Significantly less likely to report experiencing a loss of social connection

than those who didn’t. It also showed that StandBy Support After Suicide is more effective than general healthcare services.

What you can do

If you, or someone you know has been bereaved by suicide on the Mid-North Coast or in the Northern Rivers of NSW, please call 0417 119 298 (24 hours) or visit our StandBy webpage for more information.

Find out more about StandBy Support After Suicide and the evaluation report at

Download a 4 page summary of the report here


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