Orange Sky provides a platform for everyday Australians to connect through a regular laundry and shower service. As part of Homelessness Week, they are excited to share a special project short film exploring the experience of homelessness.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Light and Shade Media, in collaboration with the film and television community of South East Queensland, Orange Sky produced a short film that explores the diversity of Australians who are experiencing homelessness.

The feature piece is aimed at supporting discussions about everyone’s role in helping people in need through connection and genuine conversation. They hope to challenge stereotypes and highlight the diversity of some of the 116,000 people who are doing in tough in Australia every night.

John, Michelle, Helen and her daughter, Sophia are the faces of the production. Watch their story and start your own conversation around homelessness and the importance of connection. 

Watch it now!

Alongside the film is a behind the scenes video that documents how the production came together and highlights the incredible generosity of everyone involved. One of Orange Sky’s core values is ‘collaborative partnerships,’ and the organisation worked with talented and passionate individuals in creating the piece, from the ARIA Award winning group the Gang of Youths, to Light + Shade Media and small local businesses.

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