A Murwillumbah-Tweed Child and Family Forum on Self-Care will be held on Wednesday 14 November 2018, 10am -2pm at Murwillumbah Community Centre, Knox Park, Murwillumbah

The purpose of this workshop is to provide staff with an opportunity to learn essential knowledge and skills relating to self-care and self-management in the workplace. Working in the community sector can be quite stressful, as we are required to be constantly aware of the needs of others and responding to a range of situation and conditions.

The workshop will provide strategies to:

  • Build understanding about how and why we respond in the way we do (including understanding the neurobiological mechanisms for stress response)
  • Assist with maintaining flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of clients
  • Raise awareness of and concept of self-regulation
  • Work collaboratively within a team
  • Understand how our own experiences, stress and workplace culture influence how we establish and maintain professional boundaries.

To register email: [email protected] or call YWCA NSW: 66255 800


Post expires at 5:12pm on Wednesday November 14th, 2018

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