Family Advocacy has launched a campaign targeted at educational reform in NSW called “Same Classroom, Same Opportunities” to strengthen genuine inclusive education.  The campaign is being led by families across NSW who are wanting to see change to the many and varied inequities that their children with disability currently experience in school.

Recently, the NSW Education Minister, Rob Stokes, in response to the 2017 Parliamentary Inquiry on the education of children with disabilities and special needs admitted: “The Government recognises that more can be done to support students with a disability, and that an inclusive education approach is not currently experienced by all students.”

This campaign is vitally important in ensuring that Members of Parliament have a better understanding of what is needed in NSW so that every child has the same opportunities to be educated alongside their peers in the same classrooms. This will require investment in the vision of a just and fair NSW education system, with supportive leadership and prioritising professional development of teachers’ inclusive capacity.

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