Opportunity Pathways

by | Jun 12, 2019

Opportunity Pathways is a new program that supports adults to access education, training and work opportunities with a view to reaching their employment and housing goals. The program is open to people 17 years or older who live in social housing, receive the Rent Choice Subsidy, or who are on the NSW Housing Register. 

The program offers flexible and tailored support to participants. This ranges from pre-employment training and help finding a job to ongoing support in their first year in their chosen employment. It also supports them to access housing opportunities in the private sector. 

Program Manager Jason McDonald says: “The program creates opportunities for participants to explore careers they may not even dream are open to them. We’re open to new participants calling us to find out if they are suitable and discuss how we can help them achieve their work and housing goals.” 


What does Opportunity Pathways provide? 

For participants

Opportunity Pathways helps people who live in social housing to plan and achieve training, employment and housing goals. 

Who is Opportunity Pathways for? 
People aged 17 or older who:

  • Live in public, community or Aboriginal housing OR 
  • Receive a Rent Choice Subsidy OR  
  • Are an approved applicant on the NSW Housing Register

What kind of help is available?

  • Help in setting your goals and plans 
  • Access to pre-employment training or retraining 
  • Help writing your resume and with interview skills 
  • Support to find, keep or change jobs 
  • One year of on the job support while you get on your feet 
  • Practical and financial assistance such as child-care, getting your driver’s licence, fuel vouchers to get to job interviews, etc. 
  • Help in finding suitable housing 

What does it cost? 
Nothing! Opportunity Pathways is a FREE program, supported by the NSW Government. 

How do I find out more? 
If you are eligible (see above) there are THREE WAYS to find out if Opportunity Pathways is right for you: 

  1. Contact us directly by phone or email to discuss your options  
  2. Complete our online form <link> and we’ll call you back
  3. Ask your social housing provider or a support person to contact us on your behalf. 

What are you waiting for? 
Contact Jason by phone or email

For employers

Opportunity Pathways supports people living in public housing to get jobs and achieve success in work and in their housing goals. 

Because it’s a voluntary program, Opportunity Pathways can connect you with motivated candidates. We support them through the recruitment process and for up to a year on the job. 

We support our participants 

  • Set goals for getting or changing jobs 
  • through pre-employment training in your line of work 
  • write their resume to show off their strengths 
  • prepare for interviews to build their confidence 
  • for up to 12 months in the job to help them succeed

As an employer, we can help you

  • find motivated workers for your team  
  • ensure candidates have completed pre-employment training 
  • retain good staff by supporting them on the job 
  • build your reputation as an employer of choice 

 As an Opportunity Pathways employer, you will help to break the cycle of reliance on social housing and contribute to increasing social and economic participation in our community.   

To discuss how you can become an Opportunity Pathways employer, please call Jen Parke or by email.

Opportunity Pathways 

Contact us 

General enquiries
t: 02 6620 1800
e: [email protected] 


Jason McDonald
Program Manager
e: [email protected]
t: 0428 856 546 

Jen Parke
Business and Community Engagement 
e: [email protected] 
t: 0417 443 946 

Opportunity Pathways is a new initiative under Futures Directions in Social Housing NSW

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