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Have you heard about the NDIS yet?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a new national scheme to support people with disability to achieve their goals, participate in their communities and to provide them, their families and carers with personalised, flexible care and support.

The NDIS brings choice and flexibility for people with disability. One way the NDIS empowers participants with choice is to provide personalised planning and delivery of their supports. This is mostly achieved through Local Area Coordination services, or LAC.

Social Futures is excited to be partnering with the NDIS to provide our community with LAC services.

We will support people with disability in our community to plan for the NDIS in advance of the roll out, which starts in many parts of regional NSW in July. We are delivering LAC services throughout most of regional New South Wales and are working together with other community organisations in some areas to preserve their local relationships and knowledge. Social Futures is providing LAC services in the following NDIS service areas:

  • Northern NSW
  • Mid North Coast
  • Western NSW
  • Far West
  • Murrumbidgee

Social Futures are Local Area Champions for positive social change!

As the Partner in the Community for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in over 47 communities across NSW, Social Futures is committed to supporting people with disabilities, their families and carers, in accessing the Scheme and building knowledge, resources and opportunities of our communities to enable everyone to live the life they choose.

To be the best Partner we can be, Social Futures ensures;

  • Our Local Area Co-ordinators (LACs) are fully trained and supported to deliver the best service and customer experience to all participants
  • Our LACs represent the full diversity of the communities in which they live and work
  • Cultural awareness is embedded within service practices so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, participants and communities feel safe and supported
  • LACs receive additional training to work with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities where required
  • All LACs are certified in Mental Health First Aid to further support participants and their families, and be resilient in the work they do
  • We are all working towards our Rainbow Tick certification to ensure a safe experience for LGBTIQAP+ people
  • Lived experienced of all staff members is recognised and valued, and training is offered to all community groups
  • Ethical use of government funding is combined with connections to informal, community and mainstream supports to build our natural supports
  • We all work within a capability framework so Local Area Coordinators and other staff are delivering the NDIS in the best possible way
  • We work every day to build stronger communities with inclusion for people living with disability
  • Working With Children and Vulnerable People Checks child safety protocols are strictly adhered to by all staff

To find your nearest NDIS office or to speak to someone about our LAC services:


Social Futures NDIS online enquiry form

Social Futures is an NDIS partner, providing LAC services throughout many areas of New South Wales. This form is for general NDIS and LAC enquiries from anyone within any of the Social Futures LAC delivery areas.
  • You can enter a mobile phone or landline number, but don't forget to include your area code.
  • Please select the Local Government Area (LGA) where you live.

For more information on the rollout of the NDIS in New South Wales, visit www.ndis.gov.au or watch this video:

For more information about LAC services, visit https://ndis.gov.au/communities/local-area-coordination.html or watch this video:

Employment opportunities

You can find more information about jobs in Local Area Coordination in our regions here.

We welcome your feedback about the NDIS

If you would like to provide some positive feedback about the NDIS or our LAC services, tell us how we can improve things or would like to make a complaint, please call us on 1800 522 679 or provide your feedback here.

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To view our quality, risk, compliance & excellence policy here.


If we are unable to resolve your issue

or you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you have received from us you can lodge a complaint with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) through its website here.


Some of our participant stories

Roger steals the show

Roger steals the show

The first words out of Roger’s mouth each morning when he wakes up are ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Thursday’, because he’s hoping it is a day he can go to the Vivability day program that he loves. He can access the program with funding in his National Disability Insurance Scheme...

A beautiful career beckons Samantha

A beautiful career beckons Samantha

A CASINO family says the introduction of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has changed their life. Their daughter Samantha has just finished Year...

Self-management adds up for Veronica

Self-management adds up for Veronica

Max is a 20 year old NDIS participant. He has epilepsy, glaucoma, vision impairment and an intellectual disability, caused by Sturge Weber Syndrome. He...

Johnny emerges into the light

Johnny emerges into the light

When Johnny finished school in Bathurst last year, it was as if a door had slammed shut on the outside world – literally.

Saturday night’s alright for partying!

Saturday night’s alright for partying!

Robbie loves nothing more than getting together with his mates on a Saturday night. Not too much of a challenge for most young men – but for Robbie it has taken his entire life to reach this point.

Lady of the lantern lights a path for others

Lady of the lantern lights a path for others

When Lismore held its annual Lantern Parade, on Saturday, 23 June 2018, Poppi was front and centre with her own hand-made lantern after almost a year being actively involved as a lantern-maker with parade organiser lightnUp Inc.

Independent living suits Grace to a ‘T’

Independent living suits Grace to a ‘T’

When Grace finished school a few years ago, all she wanted to do was move out of home, crank up the music and live her own life. Pretty much the same as many other young adults keen to begin leading an independent lifestyle – except that in Grace’s case she has mild cerebral palsy, a mild intellectual disability and epilepsy.

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