The Clubhouse is calling for more mentors as its popularity grows. The Clubhouse is a creative, safe, out of school space where young people, 12-18 years, can explore new ideas, develop skills and build their confidence.

“The role of the mentor is really important. Mentors pass on their skills and knowledge and they support our members to follow their creativity, research their interests and discover and develop new skills” says Dusty.

If you enjoy working with young people, are 19 years and over and have skills or interests in robotics, coding, electronics, creative arts, animation, music, film or computer science – Social Futures wants to hear from you!

Mentors can commit to as little as 3 hours a week for six months. Social Futures is a Centrelink approved volunteer organisation meaning time volunteered can be claimed if you are on Newstart or a similar allowance.   

“Mentoring at The Clubhouse is such a rewarding thing to do. Spending a little time, passing on your knowledge and experience, not only helps our members to develop technical and creative skills, but also assists them with building social skills and self-confidence. Hanging out with our members in such a creative environment is a great deal of fun too” exclaims Dusty.

To register your interest as a mentor contact [email protected]  

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