Lismore City Council has launched the Lismore Disaster Dashboard to help the community better access information during times of flood or natural disaster.

The Disaster Dashboard aggregates information from other emergency services including the Bureau of Meteorology and the SES, providing locals with an easy one-stop-shop they can use on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

“No new information is provided other than what is already out there via different agencies, but often people are stressed and on the move during a flood or other disaster, so this collates that information in one place,” Council’s Executive Director Infrastructure Services Gary Murphy said.

The Lismore Disaster Dashboard is one of many actions that are being rolled out progressively as part of the Lismore Flood Ready Project, which is a state-wide pilot funded by the Office of Emergency Management.

Other key actions in the Lismore Flood Ready Project include:

Council is developing a Community Recovery Hub model, which outlines how to provide a one-stop-shop for practical, moral and material support in recovery from a natural disaster. This is based on learnings from the March 2017 flood and the spontaneous volunteering effort spearheaded by the Helping Hands Hub. The model will include a guidelines for spontaneous volunteering that are being developed in partnership with the Northern Rivers Gateway.

Working with the local Emergency Management Committee to develop policy and processes for infrastructure repair and restoration of the natural environment in a timely manner.

Working with the Chamber of Commerce to develop a response and recovery database to assist businesses pre, during and post flood. This will include education for new business owners to ensure preparedness before a flood, support to manage and move stock during a flood, and post-flood support during clean-up.

Working with the SES and state government agencies to develop new education resources for business owners and homeowners on how to plan, prepare, respond and recover from a natural disaster.

Lismore City Council’s Acting Executive Director Sustainable Development Peter Jeuken said the Lismore Flood Ready Project action plan would be finalised by the end of the year and tested via an in-depth simulated disaster exercise conducted by the Office of Emergency Management.

“We can’t afford to become complacent, and this plan will help embed a program of education and responsiveness that will future-proof us against another major flood event,” he said.

To view the new Lismore Disaster Dashboard, go to

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