When Denise gave birth to her son Jordan, the main concern was that he was three months premature. 


“He was born early due to an infection but beyond that he was just a normal, beautiful baby boy,” she says.

But shortly after Jordan returned home with his parents, disaster struck. He experienced two cerebral haemorrhages in quick succession and never properly recovered.

“We suspect that Jordan was sent home too early – we’ll never know for sure but the upshot is that Jordan has been left with cerebral palsy, brain damage, a hearing impairment, and loss of function in both legs and one of his arms,” Maree says.

Doing it tough

Life has been a struggle for Denise and her family, who live in NSW’s central west region. Jordan’s various conditions have required 10 or more visits to Sydney most years for specialist appointments and treatments, including annual splints fitting.

“It was always a juggle trying to find somewhere affordable to stay in Sydney, and we always had to bring Jordan’s older brother Josh along when he was younger,” she says.

“We had some State Government-funded early intervention support before Jordan went to school but once he was at school, we got nothing. We could never afford holidays.”

Despite the many obstacles Jordan made it all the way through school to Year 12 in a supported class, where he made many friends.

“Jordan is very social and he was happy at school. Now that he has received his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package and is receiving centre-based care through Breakthru People Solutions, it turns out most of his old school buddies are there as well – he just loves it.”

Change for the better

With the support of Social Futures Local Area Coordinator Matt, Jordan’s plan funds four days a week of centre-based activities, as well as one-on-one respite care at home on some weekday evenings. He also attends Zumba on a Thursday evening and social outings on Saturday nights.

“Jordan’s now 25 and really enjoys the big social vibe of his Saturday night group – there’s about 20 of them and they go out for dinner, see live music, go to the speedway, all the things young people of his age love doing. He’s got his own carer but they’re about the same age so it all feels very natural.

“It’s good for me too, because whenever Jordan goes out, so do I. I’d forgotten what freedom felt like.”

Jordan’s NDIS plan has also funded a new wheelchair, and shortly he will have an electric bed that he can self-adjust to help him cope with his chronic reflux. Next up is an assessment for car modifications so that Jordan can get in and out of the family car independently.

“Jordan is so much happier now – we all have space in our lives and the future is looking really positive,” Denise says.


“Jordan is so much happier now – we all have space in our lives and the future is looking really positive” (Denise)


Jordan's mother

Jordan’s NDIS supports have helped him:

  • Engage in community and social activities
  • Get a new wheelchair
  • Exercise
  • Achieve more independence

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