The latest Rental Affordability Index (RAI), released on Thursday, found while rental prices have improved marginally in some cities, these gains have not flowed through to low-income households struggling to make ends meet.

Ellen Witte from SGS Economics and Planning – which prepared the RAI along with National Shelter, Community Sector Banking, and the Brotherhood of St Laurence – said she was particularly worried about single parents with children.

“There are 110,000 single-parent, low-income households out there living in rental stress and 82 per cent of those households are single mothers,” Witte said.

“The majority earn $41,600 per annum or less. In Sydney they would be paying about 70 per cent of income on rent, which is clearly unsustainable.”

Single mother Melissa Jones has lived in a Horizon Housing NRAS property on the Gold Coast for the past four years raising three children aged four, seven and 15.

She said she fled Hobart to escape a violent ex-partner and relies on the disability pension to get by.

Jones told Pro Bono News she feared the loss of NRAS subsidies would force her family onto the streets.

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