Healing Our Spirit Worldwide is an Indigenous movement that began in Canada in the 1980s to address the devastation of substance abuse and dependence among Indigenous people around the world. The focus has been to address the underlying issues and difficulties that predispose this particular behaviour among Indigenous people. The Eighth Gathering will be held in Sydney 26 – 29 November 2018 and is being hosted by the University of Sydney in partnership with The Healing Foundation (Aust). 

The IIC is the governance body that provides support, guidance and advice to the Hosts of Healing Our Spirit Worldwide. The Global Vision of the IIC is to ensure the voice of Indigenous peoples worldwide have the opportunity to convene every four years to share their stories of wellness and endurance. This allows us to celebrate our totality within an ever changing environment.
Gawuwi gamarda Healing Our Spirit Worldwidegu Ngalya nangari nura Cadigalmirung
(Calling our friends to come, to be at Healing Our Spirit Worldwide. We meet on the country of the Cadigal.)
The Healing Our Spirit Website can be found at www.hosw.com  Subscribe for updates to stay up to date with the latest news.


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