Family Advocacy strongly believes in the importance of an inclusive education for children with disability preparing them on the pathway for an inclusive life and has a booklet to assist families in a practical way with their advocacy efforts.

For families pursuing inclusion at school the booklet Taking Action on Education – All students learning together, aims to assist families when talking to schools and the community on the importance of their child having an inclusive education.

It could also be a resource for schools and the broader community such as medical professionals, social workers and therapists. The booklet has been written with Mara Sapon-Shevin – Professor of Inclusive Education at Syracuse University and gives ideas about what an inclusive school should be like as well as how to include all students.

The booklet will assist families to;

  • gain a better understanding of the supports available to their children.
  • have a better idea of the role they have when working with schools.
  • be able to share this information with other families and also with educators and others in the community who support their son or daughter.
  • have access to other families shared stories and perspectives.

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