Social Futures Dirty Laundry Day Project LogoDirty Laundry Rolling Out Across the Far North Coast, NSW

The Dirty Laundry Day Project is eight years old! This powerful, creative initiative was instigated by Manager of Connecting Home First Response and Youth Team in Lismore, Niki Gill. It is growing strong roots and spreading its branches far and wide, rolling out to the wider Northern Rivers community as a workshop kit concept.

White Ribbon Day is on 25 November and 16 Days of Activism will follow (to December 10); all of which is DIRTY LAUNDRY DAY time. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, up to 80% of women who have experienced intimate partner violence or sexual assault do not report it to the police. Towns in the Northern Rivers will showcase Dirty Laundry Tee shirts in their shop front windows and continue to raise awareness and start conversations about this challenging topic.

Social Futures Communications Officer, Amanda Shoebridge, has been responsible for promoting the Dirty Laundry Day Information Kit 2017 concept in communities up and down the Far North Coast. She has developed a 20-page electronic PDF information kit, making it super easy for businesses and community groups to get involved by running their own workshops. All materials, including blank tee shirts, fabric paint, branded invitations, promotional posters and advice about ensuring trained counsellors are involved during the workshops, is provided for no cost. This franchise initiative is being trialed in our local region in 2017, to ensure it works effectively and any problems resolved, before the project is rolled out more extensively in NSW and beyond from 2018.

We are extremely proud and privileged to have Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year endorse The Dirty Laundry Project.
Rosie says “if we are to stop the family violence epidemic that is threatening Australia we need to have very difficult conversations. It is for that reason that I am pleased to support the Dirty Laundry Day Project.
Family violence happens behind closed doors. Women and children often do not speak out due to shame and fear. The Dirty Laundry Day Project aims to change this and that is a good thing. There is a critical need for awareness raising within communities of the impacts of family violence.
By shedding light on what some see as a “dirty topic” we can open the door to information, and foster discussion within our communities. The difficult conversations we need to have are a first step to empowering women, giving children a voice and holding perpetrators accountable.

This year’s Dirty Laundry Day is destined to be the biggest so far and excitingly, it will be the start of a whole new level of awareness-spreading, as the concept rolls out to other parts of NSW and beyond in 2018 with the Dirty Laundry Day Project Kit. Congratulations to everyone involved.

If you would like to be involved in creating or participating in a Dirty Laundry Day Project workshop, please contact:

Amanda Shoebridge
Communications Officer
[email protected]
Mobile: 0428 242 675

Niki Gill
Manager First Response and Youth Team
[email protected]
Mobile: 0409 748 522


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