A one-day course in Conflict Management is being offered by Alliance Study, with workshops being held around the nation that are packed with practical tools and hands-on exercises that help you to become a successful leader and guide your team to success.

Conflicts are unpleasant but are inevitable in situations where people have a difference of opinion. They can arise due to differences in working methods, divergent goals, or power imbalances. Unless the conflict is quickly brought to an amicable resolution, there will be loss of trust and poor productivity.

On completion of the course, you will understand:

  • Why conflicts arise and what are some common responses
  • How to approach the situation and the consequences of each type of approach
  • Conflict resolution methods and tools
  • How to hold difficult conversations and bring your team together

Course Duration: 1 day

Upcoming Events:


Workshop Dates

Early Bird Date


17th Aug 2018

14th Aug 2018


24th Aug 2018

15th Aug 2018


31st Aug 2018

21st Aug 2018


21st Sep 2018

06th Sep 2018


21st Sep 2018

29th Aug 2018


19th Oct 2018

02nd Oct 2018

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