Leadership Development: Use Neuroscience to Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Could the latest from neuroscience give you the edge with managing yourself and senior team? Find out at a Pro Bono Australia executive webinar on Thursday 15 November 2018, 2pm-3pm (AEDT).

In this 60-minute webinar, expert presenter Elise Sernik from Leadership Space will guide you through three powerful tools to deepen your levels of self-understanding and improve your leadership skills. Elise will utilise insights from the field of neuroscience that you can immediately implement to better lead yourself, and the senior teams that make your for-good organisation thrive or falter.

You will leave this webinar with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How you can understand yourself and your senior peers in a way that is easy, memorable and insightful
  • How to get the most out of your strengths, decision making, communication and stress responses
  • How relevant neuroscience language and concepts can be utilised to increase team effectiveness
  • How to apply learnings from the concepts covered to lead in a way that allows your for-good organisation to grow its impact

This interactive session is a valuable tool that will show you how you can use the incredible intelligence of neuroscience to adapt and thrive so that you’re making real gains in your professional satisfaction and effectiveness, and enabling your leadership teams to reach their full potential.

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Help! My Client has Problem Debts #1: How to navigate internal dispute resolution

Redfern Legal Centre will present a webinar on Tuesday 27 November 2018, 11am-12pm AEDT, to equip you with the skills to respond effectively and efficiently when your client needs help with debts.

It is common for people to bury their heads in the sand when debt collectors are chasing them for money and only get help when the debts have become unmanageable or there are threats of legal action.

This webinar will provide you with tips and tactics to resolve various types of debts directly with creditors such as utility providers and telcos, through their internal dispute resolution procedures.

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Managing Conflicts & Disputes Webinar

Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law will present a webinar on Managing Conflicts & Disputes for NFPs, 20 November 2018, 12.45pm-2.00pm AEDT.

Conflicts and disputes are stressful events, and the success of your community group can depend on how effectively you manage them. In this webinar you’ll learn what the law requires you to do when a conflict or complaint arises.

The webinar will cover:

  • Common disputes involving members or board / committee members of NFP community organisations
  • How to follow the dispute resolution or grievance procedure in your organisation’s rules or constitution
  • When a member can be disciplined, and how to go about this
  • What to do if there is a dispute within the committee of management
  • Seeking assistance to deal with conflict or a dispute
  • Avoiding the escalation of disputes

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Lifeline’s DV-alert training in Yamba

Lifeline’s DV-alert (Domestic Violence Response Training) training will be held in Yamba on 15-16 November 2018, 8.45am-4.30pm each day.

DV-alert (Domestic Violence Response Training) is Lifeline’s accredited training program that enables health, allied health and frontline workers to confidently:

  • RECOGNISE signs of domestic and family violence
  • RESPOND with appropriate care
  • REFER people experiencing or at risk of domestic and family violence to appropriate support services.

Follow the Dedicated Application link to enrol: https://lifeline.jobreadyplus.com/terminal/online_book_course/2062

Or for more information contact Lifeline North Coast: 02 6651 4093| [email protected]

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Webinar: Engaging with parents of children approaching adolescence

Join Emerging Minds at the fourth in a series of webinars with the Mental Health Professional’s Network on Wednesday 7 November at 7:15 pm AEDT, to learn how to engage with parents grappling with issues of adolescence.

Register to gain insight into practice that will assist you in proactively engaging parents on how to tackle problems arising in their child’s adolescent years – a period of substantial change for families.

The webinar will feature a facilitated interdisciplinary panel discussion of a case study. The panel comprises of Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Psychologist) and Elly Robinson (Parenting Research Centre’s Executive Manager – Practice Evidence), in a discussion with Daniel Moss (Emerging Minds Workforce Development Manager).

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Self-Care: Navigating Professional & Personal Boundaries in the Community Sector

A Murwillumbah-Tweed Child and Family Forum on Self-Care will be held on Wednesday 14 November 2018, 10am -2pm at Murwillumbah Community Centre, Knox Park, Murwillumbah

The purpose of this workshop is to provide staff with an opportunity to learn essential knowledge and skills relating to self-care and self-management in the workplace. Working in the community sector can be quite stressful, as we are required to be constantly aware of the needs of others and responding to a range of situation and conditions.

The workshop will provide strategies to:

  • Build understanding about how and why we respond in the way we do (including understanding the neurobiological mechanisms for stress response)
  • Assist with maintaining flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of clients
  • Raise awareness of and concept of self-regulation
  • Work collaboratively within a team
  • Understand how our own experiences, stress and workplace culture influence how we establish and maintain professional boundaries.

To register email: [email protected] or call YWCA NSW: 66255 800


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