The 2018 Anglicare Australia Rental Affordability Snapshot paints a bleak picture of rental affordability across Australia, highlighting the urgent need for action. 

Across the nation, just three rentals out of 67,000 were affordable for a person on Newstart.

For single people on Newstart, Anglicare found a mere 0.03% of rental properties affordable nationally, down from 0.1% in Anglicare’s 2016 snapshot, illustrating the growing gap between rental costs and social welfare. 

A single person on Disability Support Payments fares only slightly better, with less than 0.86% of properties affordable across the country. 

Rental affordability is only marginally better for single people on the Age pension – only 1.62% of rental properties in Australia would be suitable; but well down on 2016. 

See the latest Rental Affordability Snapshot

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