Family Advocacy will present a workshop by Mara Sapon-Shevin, Professor of Inclusive Education at Syracuse University NY, on Creating Positive Social Climates for Inclusion, Wednesday 8 February 2017 in Sydney.

Throughout 2016 Family Advocacy presented over 20 workshops and information sessions on education for students with disability in the regular class. They hear from many families that they are fearful their children will be bullied at school, or that they won’t make friends. Indeed, friendships are tricky territory for children, particularly those with support needs.

They also have a booklet, All Students Learning Together Taking Action on Education (order online now) co-authored by Professor Mara Sapon-Shevin. In this workshop, Mara draws on her expertise in social justice and diversity, particularly full inclusion in schools and bullying & harassment to provide strategies and information families can use to assist them in working proactively with schools to support their children with disability.

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For those outside the greater Sydney area who are interested in attending, please call as organisers would love to assist you to join them: 02 9869 0866 or 1800 620 588.

*Please Note: this event is for family members and friends of people with disability only.




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