It’s time to start planning your National Families Week event to celebrate the role families play in our local communities. National Families Week will be held from 15 May, the United Nations International Day of Families, to 21 May 2018.  
‘Stronger Families, Stronger Communities’ has been embraced as an enduring theme for National Families Week as it encapsulates the important role families play as the central building blocks of our communities. Community wellbeing is enhanced by family wellbeing.

Local Government areas are encouraged to celebrate National Families Week by planning and holding a National Families Week event – it can be a morning tea, a conference or seminar on matters of interest in your community, a reading session in the library or something else that is suitable for your area!  

The National Families Week website contains information on :

  • Ideas for events
  • Registration
  • Information on National Families Week and previous celebrations
  • Calendar of Events
  • FAQs

The National Families Week poster, logo, on-line resources and further information are now available on the website.

Registration now open!!

Please register your event to receive promotional products to assist with your celebrations. Products such as posters, balloons, stickers, notepads and painting sheets will be sent to you in mid-April. In order to receive these free products you must register. Registration is now open and can be accessed here

Please register your events by 9 April 2018 to ensure there is sufficient time to process your registration and mail promotional products.

National Families Week is also on Facebook and you can find further information and link up with other local events.


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