With one in five Australian adults experiencing mental health concerns every year, chances are one of your staff could be affected at some point. A free one-day workshop designed especially for managers and human resources staff will be held at South Grafton Ex Servicemens Club, 9.30am – 4.30pm on 23 March 2018.

The workshop will provide information and practical tools to maximise employee performance, strengthen workplace relationships and improve the wellbeing of your team.

The workshop is open to any employer wishing to make their workplace more inclusive and productive.

Employers can learn to support and manage staff affected by mental health challenges, leading to better outcomes for the workplace and the employee.

Research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that employees recovering from mental health conditions:

  • are reliable and loyal,
  • take fewer sick days, and
  • improve the morale of everyone in their workplace.

See the flyer for full details.

Social Futures has engaged OnQ Human Resources to provide training for the Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN) Project.

The WIN Project is funded by NSW Health through the Mental Health Innovation Fund, which provides initiatives that improve mental health delivery and service outcomes in NSW.

Bookings essential: RSVP by 22 March. Contact Glenn Bailey M: 0418 832 495 E: [email protected]


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