Social Futures will mark National Homelessness Week with special Homelessness Connect events in Lismore on 8 August at the Winsome Hotel and in Casino on 9 August at 63 Hickey St.

The events are a day of community, compassion and practical support for people in our community who are homeless. Events will be held in

“It’s a day of celebration and giving back,” says Connecting Home Manager Lance Schema. “There is such a great demand for services like ours in the region. So many people in our community are doing it tough and events like the March flood and cold winter nights just compound already difficult circumstances.”

People who experience homelessness or are just doing it tough will be able to choose some clothes, tents and toiletries all free of charge as well as access services and support such as the Lismore Family Planning Service, housing, legal specialists, Centrelink and other community service groups.

Homelessness Connect is a partnership between Social Futures, Department of Family and Community Services, North Coast Community Housing, OTCP, Centrelink, The Winsome Hotel and the Casino Neighbourhood Centre.

“We’ll have free haircuts, a BBQ lunch and live music. It’s heart-warming, the number of people and services who are coming along to support the day.” says Schema. “And you don’t need an invitation to join in – those in need, volunteers, service providers and community members are welcome to come along and join in the celebration.”

If you would like to donate to our Connecting Home Program you can go to:

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