Commonwealth Games – Get Set for the Games information is available to assist service planning  for the games period starting Wednesday 4 April – Sunday 15 April (inclusive).

During this period, travelling across the Gold Coast will be significantly impacted; the attached information can assist services, particularly with staff living on the Gold Coast plan for longer travel time to/from Tweed Shire based work places.

There will be limited access to areas due to road closures/ security checks; event times, etc.  

As several Gold Coast Homelessness services are based in ‘restricted Game zones’, it is envisaged Tweed Shire services (particularly those located near the QLD/NSW border) may experience increased numbers of persons seeking assistance.   

Resources re: Commonwealth Games:
  • Travel Action Plan Template HERE
  • The 4 R’s (Reduce, Re-mode, Re-time, Re-route) HERE
  • GC2018 Venue Maps HERE
  • Park n Ride Locations HERE
  • Games Route Network Map HERE
  • Games Route Network Info HERE
  • Venue and Protective Security Zone Maps HERE  
  • What is a Protective Security Zone? HERE
  • Road Closures (including some information on Local Access Passes) HERE

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